Artist Statement

There is a ritualistic nature in my work rooted in the psyche and spirit. My abstract and autonomic landscapes reflect mythologies such as shamanism, astrology and esoteric principles. A pillar in my work is the element of fire. With smoke I draw skeletal maps for my compositions, burning what’s no longer serves me, navigating me though reflections and opening me up to discovery. The muscle of my work is formed by the synergy between smoke, movement and color. Every layer is a version of time and space, with each composition representing limitless realities in union, a metaphoric landscape of ghosts, flesh, dreams and fantasies. 



 “Gray Matters” is about walking the fine line between black and white.
The gray area is a non judgmental space that provides with the opportunity to brake free from duality and conditioned responses, awakening the self to the vibrancy of new perspectives by rebuilding ourselves differently.


 Listen to the initial stages of my creative process and the use of Fumage.