Artist Statement

The way smoke moves inspires me to be flexible and to welcome change with the least resistance.  The use of smoke in my art presents opportunities to let go of old habits and ingrained behaviors, to break away from linear ways of thinking, and to move towards complete independence, opening doorways to witness other versions of myself.  I consider my paintings to be multidimensional in the sense that every layer of applied smoke has the effect of adding dimension to a landscape. By embellishing those layers with color and brushstrokes, I move towards unifying the individual elements into refined finished compositions. In a sense, this process becomes an exercise and experience in opening new portals. To me, every completed painting represents an exciting energetic interpretation of movement simultaneously connecting past, present, and future.



 “Gray Matters” is about walking the fine line between black and white.
The gray area is a non judgmental space that provides with the opportunity to brake free from duality and conditioned responses, awakening the self to the vibrancy of new perspectives by rebuilding ourselves differently.


 Listen to the initial stages of my creative process and the use of Fumage.